Get To Know How Mindfulness Program Applied at Global Sevilla

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As the best international school di Jakarta, Global Sevilla offers a variety of programs that are beneficial to students. The institution has an academic mission that is not only focused on good academic grades but also positive character development. For these reasons, this school applies a mindfulness-based approach. How is it implemented? Check out this information!

Mindfulness Approach Implemented by Global Sevilla

Mindfulness is a meditation method that can train a person to focus on their surroundings. In addition, this approach also makes one’s emotions can be felt and accepted openly. It will be useful to balance the physical and psychological indications in a person. Thus, the person is mentally and physically healthy.

In the field of education, this approach is beneficial for improving student welfare. The approach is useful for relieving stress, anxiety, and depression while studying at school. Students can balance between character building and good academic achievement because they have a positive attitude. That is why students at international school in Jakarta can have impressive skills.

Characteristics of the Mindfulness Approach

This approach has several diverse characteristics for its students in schools. It is because mindfulness is a combination of psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. Behavioral development and meditation have the primary goal of helping students gain positive thinking, good mood, and bodily sensations for a healthy life.

In addition, this approach has also been shown to be successful in reducing student anxiety and stress at school. It is because the mindfulness approach helps students improve and develop their behavioral outcomes with positive thoughts. That’s because mindfulness meditation focuses the student’s attention and calms the atmosphere around him.

Benefits of Mindfulness Approach for Students

There are three important benefits of a positive mindfulness program for students, including physical health, mental health, and well-being. This meditation can treat student problems when studying at school, including conflicts, anxiety, obsessive disorders, and many more. In terms of physical health, it can help relieve fatigue from having to study all day.

In addition, there are many more benefits of the mindfulness approach used by international school in Jakarta in terms of increasing students’ positive attitudes. This program supports students to be more focused and helps them to be involved in many activities at school. Therefore, they have a fairly good ability to deal with various kinds of problems and how to solve them.

In conclusion, Global Sevilla is an excellent international school that provides many benefits for students. The institution not only emphasizes academic goals and best achievements, but also character building, and positive behavior with a mindfulness approach. The mindfulness approach can balance students’ feelings, both physical and psychological, for better academic results.

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